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Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated Support Team for Customer Care and Support.

Payments, Sales and Support

Absolutely Yes!! We offer you a completely FREE Demo account to our buyers & clients to test our system. You can easily log into it and test about how our services will work for you.
We have 100% Advance Payment through Cash / Deposit in our Account / Cheque Deposit in our Account.
SMS Credits will get added to your Account within 24hours after you have made the full payment in our Account.
We do provide after sales technical support and help and is available through email, chat and phone. We have supportive & friendly technical staff available to assit you even in multiple languages as per your convenience.

Bulk SMS Technical Details / Questions

It's easy; we have a smart web panel which will provide all SMS Delivery details and information of your sent SMS in your Account itself.
Sender ID is the Name which goes in the Header of the SMS . It can be 6 characters alphabets. Eg : PTNSMS. It can be your company name , product name , any names. Requests for Sender IDs are approved only after an authentication process.
API's are the interface between different Software Systems to send SMS using our Solution.Our HTTP based API extends our sms functionalities by allowing you to integrate the sms features with your Web and Desktop applications.

Bulk SMS Basics / General Questions

Yes, by using our advance system you can send SMS in multiple languages very easily, but please note that SMS Credits for regional languages i.e hindi, marathi are different which means 1 Hindi SMS credit will not be 160 chars. Please clarify with the support team.
Mobile numbers which is registered with NDNC (National Do Not Call Numbers) registry called DND numbers. Promotional or Marketing SMS are not allowed to be send on DND numbers. (TRAI Policy.). Pushing promotional SMS on DND number is illegal and TRAI has imposed heavy penalties on the same. We purely work as per the government policy. No false commitments.
As such there is no limit on the number of sms to be send at once, but we recommend to send maximum of 10,000 SMS at once if you want to.
Users can send SMS from Web Panel, API . But Resellers apart from sending sms can also sell SMS to their own customers.They will be provided with admin rights so that they can manage their own users.