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Important notice

DLT registration is now a mandate.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a digital system for keeping and managing the record of sender IDs and template.

TRAI has introduced an advanced extension of the Blockchain – Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to prevent spam

Enterprises need to register with the Operator’s DLT platform by submitting necessary business documents.

Content Template Registration: Entities are required to register all their templates on the DLT system.

DLT Registration Process...

The DLT platform keeps records of all the transactions made by the network participants. It is mandatory as per the new TRAI regulations. Communication messages like OTP, verification codes, notification, etc sent by businesses to their customers need to be registered in the TRAI DLT platform. There are multiple phases to implement the above regulation which mandated the use of blockchain-based technology known as DLT. Most of the telecom operators have already implemented the DLT system. It is aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud done through SMS.

DLT Registration Helps Enterprises and Customers...

Enterprises that run SMS marketing campaigns require to register themselves in the DLT platform according to TRAI guidelines. This has been introduced to initiate transparency of the functionalities of Enterprises.
It also helps TRAI identify the customers who initiate the SMS/voice service so that they can transparently use the service without any trust issues.
This has been implemented by all the operators and now telemarketers and enterprises can make the registration under any operator ’s DLT platform following the above steps.
You will be receiving a unique registration number as per your registration as a telemarketer or enterprise on the first phase of DLT registration.

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