Election Consultancy


-: Research :-

• Appka mat is most advanced opinion poll software in all available software. Using this software we can retrieve the genuine data of voters/Followers. We can also get the latest issue and best candidate for the assembly constituency.

• This software provides following statics:


i. Who is the best candidate in public mind for particular assembly constituency?
ii. Which Party public like most?
iii. Which candidate public likes most for a particular party?
Iv. What is the latest issue in particular assembly constituency?

Ways of Data Input

Telephonic :- Miss Call Number , Long Code, Bulk voice Call
Online :- Portal, Social Media
Face to face


• Using these statics we can convert or divert the followers/voters of leading candidate and candidate will be on first position.
• Using database we can plan for best campaigns strategy.
• Using opt in we can do the promotional activity on DND Numbers.

-: Promotion :-

# Live Video Broadcasting :

Broadcasting is such a platform where we can directly interact with followers/ voters wherever he is.


• Candidate program will be live broadcast on Face book, YouTube and LED’s.
• Weekly candidate can do live conversation with their followers/ voters.


• We have already many followers on our pages, groups, profiles; we share your post and make it viral your program.

• We can target your follower’s locations wise, age wise, etc.


Public will connect with candidate very easily.
Candidate will get good response in low budget.
Candidate will receive issues in assembly constituency.
To Promote Candidate as a high-tech profile using this feature.
Candidate Face book page, website will promote life time.
Using this features candidate can interact to voter/followers in any location.
Note: Broadcasting on LED’s will be provided by us and LED’s setup will be provide by Candidate.

# Media coverage & management

# Portal Design & Development

A proper Dynamic web portal which will show-



    • Vision & Mission of Candidate/Party
    • Past performance of Candidate/Party
    • Manifesto & Ideology of Candidate/Party
    • Achievements till date
    • Leader’s speeches & Messages
    • Photo gallery & Video gallery
    • Latest News & Upcoming Events (Public meetings)
    • Why Candidate/Party? & Join Candidate/Party
    • Integration with Social sites (Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
    • Volunteer Registration
    • Campaign Schedule
    • Voter Data Search

# Mobile Application

      • An Impressive & Interactive Android Application to show your full Profile.
      • Keep all your Volunteers Connected.
      • We will Develop Smartphone apps to show all above website details and features into a mobile platform form easy and portable access.
      • Volunteer Registration
      • Connected to Govt. sites
      • Connected with Social Sites updates (Face book, Twitter, Google+ etc.)

# Social Media Setup, Social Media Presence & Management
Complete Profile Set up On Major Social Media Platforms like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc. Regular Updates on Social Media Platforms to generate Maximum Online Followers / Supporters.
Strategies for Running a Political Social Media Campaign:
Create Face book page for Candidate/Party
www.facebook.com/ Candidate/Party
If you have already created so we will work on same.

  • Pick a Good Title for the “Social Media Page”
  • Plan Strategic Updates for Supporters
  • Counter Fake identities and Fake Pages
  • Create & increase contacts at “Social Media Page”
  • Creative Banners & Social Ads
  • Monitor the Page Daily
  • Making your voice & views reachable to all followers and Party workers
  • Some of other important factors are following, which we covers during campaigns:
    • Have to work majorly on Voter engagement
    • Have to focus on mass media Campaigning
    • Interactive channels between Leader and Voters
    • Deliver information on users’ wall.
    • Send tweet to promote the work done by the party.
    • Update user with upcoming party functions.
    • Can send personalized notifications/reminders etc

# Missed Call Alert Services

  • We Offer you a Unique Dedicated Phone Number.
  • Caller Calls on this Number after 1 or 2 Rings phone gets disconnected.
  • Auto Reply SMS/Call is received on the Caller Mobile Phone with a Thanks Message.
  • The above process Completes in 2 Seconds.
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls can be processed LIVE.
  • If required Further Customized Application can be developed.
  • Reports: Detailed missed call reports with timestamp can be fetched from your Account.
  • Time Limitation: Missed call can be given 24×7.

# Jansamwad Number

Voice is the heart and soul of powerful speeches. For politicians, it is a vital element for mass communication with public.
Patna SMS replaces the reluctance of appointment setting through clichéd process by the advanced technique of virtual appointment diary. This will help you in influencing large number of people through powerful speeches arranged in coordinated party meetings to increase voting percentage.
Jansamwad is an election campaign promotion tool placing an impeccable impact on voters through your powerful speeches and coordinated party meetings. It allows you to have communication with the masses which will favor the delivery of your powerful speeches with the increase voting percentage

Telephony Portfolio of leader/party
Get connected with multiple callers including masses, followers, supporters and party workers and convey them your party vision, thoughts, messages at the same time. Share the information about the important developmental activities done by party or leader till date, announce upcoming events.

 # Internet Advertising
Well Optimized Paid Advertising campaigns to grow all our Promotion Channels and with quick positive response.

# Bulk SMS Service for Vote Appeal & Awareness

  • SMS (With 6 Char Sender ID i.e. - INDIAN)
  • Instant Delivery
  • 160 Char will be count 1 Message in English and 70 Char in Hindi.

  # Bulk Voice Call Service for Vote Appeal & Awareness

  • Calls delivered to DND & NON DND Both
  • You can give your number as a caller ID.
  • 30 second Recorded voice clip count 1 Call’s.
  • Instant Delivery

 # Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service

  • Our Bulk what’s App package is loaded with all the features.
  • Send Images & Videos on What's App Numbers using our application
  • 1000 character = 1 Credit
  • Up to 3MB Image or Video = 2SMS Credits
  • For each additional 3MB =2 SMS Credits additional

# Bulk E-mail Service

    • Report Provides after sending the e-mails
    • No Cost of Data

# Campaign Material Services

    • Documentary film

Developing a Documentary film about the social work, thinking, future progress planning and communication etc. of the candidate which will touch an emotional chord with the potential voters.

    • Promotional Audio Song & Promotional Video Song

In this facility we provide full-fledged audio / video song with lyrics, music as per candidates requirement based on his/her work in his Constituency or based on his/her political party

    • Sky Balloon

We provides you with sky touching sky balloon with your brand name in bold and clear and readable for longest of distances on that.

    • L-Shape Display Van

Display Van with plasma or LED projector, sound system, generator etc. to help the candidate with staging campaign and road shows with the capability to reach each and every corner.

    • Street Plays and Celebrities Event
  • In this facility we provide actors with good acting skills for street plays plus the plays are written and directed by Patna SMS team.
  • Arranging social, cultural and educational events and road shows.


    • Election Material & Mask
  • Essential material such as wall painting, banner, caps, batches, T-shirts, flags, saree, odhni, batches etc are covered under this service.

  -: Management :-

# ECPEM Software
Election Software ECPEMS provides Political Consulting, Political Survey, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for Political Parties or candidates. In addition to the above analysis, the data gathered will be managed in ECPEMS software developed by Patna SMS. This will enable the candidates to view the data collected through a user friendly graphical interface and come up with his own analysis and strategies.

  • ECPEM Software Desktop Based.
  • ECPEM Software Android Mobile Apps.

 Module 1: Reports

  • Name wise Voter Search
  • Age wise Voter Search
  • Address wise Voter Search
  • Duplicate Voter List
  • Surname wise Report
  • Family wise Report

Module 2: Planning

  • Booth Committee Creation
  • Party Worker Wise Report
  • Red – Green Marking (Importance)
  • Voting (YES/NO)

Module 3: Analysis

  • Voting Performance - Trends
  • Percentage of valid votes cast in favor of party - Trends
  • List of winning candidates -Trends
  • Booth Performances – Trends

Module 4: Digital Marketing

    • SLIP SMS
    • TEXT SMS

# Dedicated E-Manager/ Virtual Activists and Supporters

Virtual Team of Volunteers to keep the word of Mouth Stream constantly live on every social network platform.

  • Regular Updates on Social Media Platforms to generate Maximum Online

Followers, Supporters.

  • Virtual Team of Volunteers to keep the word of Mouth Stream constantly live on

every social network platform.

  • A Special Dedicated resource allocated to handle all your Campaign Full time.

Basic Steps involved in Political Campaigning

  • Figure out your budget.
  • Find a capable core team of individuals to build your campaign around. 
  • Research issues in the (Rajasthan Assembly Election- 2018) district (Constituency) you're running in and brainstorm with your core team.
  • Develop your message, your logo and a simple memorable campaign slogan.
  • Get access to your party's database as well as Constituency database.
  • Generate an initial campaign literature print piece with your background and picture.
  • Make your announcement at an event with the maximum press coverage possible.
  • Develop additional graphics, posters, print materials, etc.
  • Investigate multi-media video, TV, Web, etc.
  • Prepare for debates and interviews (practice seriously).
  • Organize and motivate volunteers
  • Evaluate your skill set, experience and interests and Track your opposition.
  • Determine if you have access to the finances needed to run a political campaign.
  • Gather feedback of those close to you, individuals in the community, and local organizations on your decision to run for elected office to get an idea of the support you have in your community.
  • Make a list of community leaders that your community respects and trust.
  • Know your limits, both mentally and physically.
  • By now you’re engaging the community has inspired volunteers that would like to support your candidacy. 
  • A successful campaign most often has a massive door to door component that allows the candidate to meet more of the community, and engage them to find what they feel needs improvement.
  • Create pamphlets, banners, bumper stickers, buttons, and signs to disperse door to door, at community events, in parks, anywhere there are people you and your volunteers should not be far behind.
  • Organize events that allow people in the community to come meet the candidate. 
  • In elections the most important factor is personal contact with voters.

Patna SMS and Intenext Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is one stop solution for all election related services:

Patna SMS provides following services:

  • Campaign Material Services
  • Campaign Tools Services
  • R & D Services
  • Consultancy Services

Our services will help to design, plan & execute the modalities of campaign for the election candidates to WIN. 
Benefits of engaging Patna SMS

Accountability: Services of Patna SMS is accountable to the candidate’s.

Cost Effective: The services of Patna SMS is cost effective in relation to benefits you derive from it.

Professional Approach: Patna SMS approaches professionally to help in election campaign for the candidates.

Quality: Patna SMS provides quality campaign & election services.

Time Savings: Hiring Patna SMS helps the candidates to save their valuable time.

Reach & Visibility: Reach & visibility of candidates through Patna SMS lead them to achieve the goal to WIN the election.

Helpful Tips to Candidates: Patna SMS provides helpful tips to candidate’s viz. tips to improve speeches, style of speech delivery etc.

Election Trends: Patna SMS will provide the trends and modes to the candidates of their respective constituencies through scientifically carried out surveys.

Feedback: Patna SMS will provide the feedback to candidates by giving him the facts & figures of various pockets/segments of their respective constituencies.

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