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Lead Generation Channels For Your Business Success

Lead generation is the first step in increasing your business revenue. Don’t know where to start?
PatnaSMS is providing the "single" next generation platform to generate leads. Lead generation is both art and science. Let us help you. Our lead generation channels are powerful and easy to use that will help you turn your visitors into customers.

One of the main objectives of running a successful lead generation campaign (and one of the most important) is to do just that, generate leads. The campaign process involves classifying prospective customers and qualifying their probability to buy in advance of making a sales call. The purpose of lead generation can vary from driving sales leads to something like increasing webinar registrations, but in the end they have the same goal and that is to get prospects to raise their hands. Before we go into how to build a successful lead generation campaign, we need to understand a few basic terms.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful, attractive & cost-effective channel to promote products, events, and business services. Send your personalized email campaign.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is present and future of telephony and business communication. No matter if you’re an online business or offline, cloud telephony can bring success for you.

Transactional Email

Transactional Email is something which can be seen as the welcome emails, shipping notices, order confirmations, etc. that are really important for your company reputation.

Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing campaigns allows you to produce better lead generation results. It enables you to engage with customers the way a real person would. Try it.

How do we Generate Leads?

Lead Generation is our speciality, but it starts with you. We take your unique business, and understand your needs.
We tailor a marketing strategy to get the most effective return on investment.
We provide you with a personal touch, achieving the leads you need, within the budget you allocate. Increasing the quality, quantity and conversion of sales.

Digital, or online lead generation requires an elaborate range of campaigns, techniques and strategies all of which differ for each individual platform. It is important that all of these digital activities compliment each other, from your website through to paid search. We have the know-how to tie it all together and maximise your investment with minimum waste.

While Social Media can create desire and the idea of buying something you hadn’t thought of, search engine advertising can place your brand, products and services in front of potential customers who have never heard of you; people who may be looking for your competitors, or trying to find out what they should buy and where to buy it from. The biggest search engine in the UK is Google (86% users), followed by Microsoft’s Bing (10% users). PPC stands for Pay Per Click. When marketing people speak about this they are referring to Google Ads or Bing Ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google gets around 3.5 billion web searches per day making it a real contender for any ad campaign. A PPC campaign is a highly targeted way of reaching the end-user with adjustable budgets, target keywords and a few other technical factors. The goal here is to get people to visit your website instead of competitors'.

B2B sales and marketing is a particular business model that requires a slightly different approach. At Lead Genera we have found that organic SEO campaigning is the top resource for capturing business leads. Your website then performs better in search engines, while your website can start to facilitate more intelligent and rewarding email marketing and social media campaigns, and you may see a reduction in your PPC spend.

There are over 40 million Facebook users in the UK alone, and we can target individual user groups with highly effective visual marketing campaigns to generate interest which develops into sales leads. Facebook Ads allows you to talk to your target audience in the comfort of their own home, with very cost effective messages that help you gain brand awareness and ultimately market share with advertising from as little as £1/day, along with full reporting tools and their incredible algorithm helping you to improve with each advert in your campaign. They also have clever little things like links to your website which feed future ads on Facebook to people who have visited your website in the past. The goal here is to create a share-of-mind and develop desire for the products and services you offer.

With over 15 millions users on Twitter in the UK marketplace, it isn’t a platform you can afford to ignore, especially with savvy competitors out there talking to your potential customers. Twitter uses an automated system called ‘Twitter Lead Gen Cards’, which allows you to generate leads directly within a tweet without having to leave the site. A username, email address and twitter username are automatically pulled into the card, giving you prospects to follow-up with. While the audience is potentially smaller than Facebook’s, the style of communicating allows for a different tact and opens up another world of opportunity. The goal here is to create a share-of-mind and develop desire for the products and services you offer.


If you already have a talented team dialled in and ready to work on your assets, but need that guiding force to ensure you’re doing everything properly by considering all of your options then, GIVE US A CALL.

We work to improve your organic SEO before working on your PPC to make sure you are getting the best results from the lowest investment, making your money work smarter for you.
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